Creating Change in the Caribbean


The Caribbean is known for tourism, music and dance, but is also a test bed for social and technology innovation.

On September 17, BAIL hosted an evening discussion with Project Binario on how startups and community leaders in the Caribbean are developing creative solutions to meet local education, transportation, and social needs.

Alfonso Ali, Co-Founder of AlaMesa (Cuba), Khalil Bryan and Veronica Millington, Co-Founders of Caribbean Transit Solutions (Barbados), Gordon Swaby, CEO and Founder of EduFocal (Jamaica),  Katherine Motyka, CEO and Founder of Jompéame (Dominican Republic), and Kyle Maloney, Founder of ChefMade (Trinidad and Tobago) spoke candidly about the challenges they face in building their businesses and offered suggestions for collaboration with Silicon Valley leaders. 

Learn more about these startups and their trip to San Francisco here. 

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